sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2009

Dia Mundial do Teatro


Theatre, come into my rescue!
I am asleep. Wake me

I am lost in the dark, guide me, at least towards a candle
I am lazy, shame me
I am tired, raise me up
I am indifferent, strike me
I remain indifferent, beat me up
I am afraid, encourage me
I am ignorant, teach me
I am monstrous, make me human
I am pretentious, make me die of laughter
I am cynical, take me down a peg
I am foolish, transform me
I am wicked, punish me.
I am dominating and cruel, fight against me
I am pedantic, make fun of me
I am mute, untie my tongue
I no longer dream, call me a coward or afool
I have forgotten, throw Memory in my face
I feel old and stale, make the Child in me leap up
I am heavy, give me Music
I am sad, bring me Joy
I am deaf, make Pain shriek like a storm
I am agitated, let Wisdom rise within me
I am weak, kindle Friendship
I am blind, summon all the Lights
I am dominated by Ugliness, bring in conquering Beauty
I have been recruited by Hatred, unleash all forces of Love.
                   Ariane Mnouchkine's World Theatre Day Message 2005

Ariane Mnouchkine (1939, Boulogne-sur-Seine) encenadora, realizadora e fundadora do Théâtre du Soleil em Paris, em 1964.

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